Manowa 136

Chapter 136 - Let's Assess the True Value

Kazane was having a dream.

「Kazane, get up. Quickly!」

Yumika was trying to wake her up in her dream. In her half asleep brain, Kazane thought that her best friend was really hopeless. Trying to wake someone up when they were still sleepy. So she crooned about how her luck with men was bad inside her head and classically mumbled aloud.

「Uun, munyumunyu.」



She was kicked.

「Yumika, don't kick her. Don't treat Aneki roughly.」

「Such treatment is fine for a mumbling girl like her.」

Kazane finally noticed she wasn't dreaming after hearing Yumika's angry words.

「Unn, my stomach hurts.」

Then she clutched her stomach and opened her eyes.

「Oh, you woke up.」

「Good morning, Yumika, Naoki. For some reason my stomach hurts.」

Kazane said with somewhat teary eyes. She didn't know the reason, but her stomach hurt.

「Didn't you eat something strange yesterday?」

「I don't think so?」

While tilting her head at Yumika's words, she noticed that the ground was strangely shaking.


Yumika and Naoki shook their heads in answer to Kazane's question.

「A group of Earth Dragons are coming.」

「It seems it's going to be dangerous here soon.」

Kazane's eyes widened after the two people's words.

「Wait, seriously?」

「Seriously serious. This isn't a situation to worry about your stomach hurting, right?」

Although she felt like Yumika's words somehow rang hollow, Kazane nodded. Life was more important than stomach.

The approaching Earth Dragons that Kazane and the others had just been talking about mainly inhabited the area around the volcano in Hyvern. They weren't earthworms. Their shapes also weren't similar. [TL:地竜 is the Kanji for Earth Dragon, which is also used for an herbal medicine made from dried earthworms.]

Earth dragons were a relatively weak class of dragon that couldn't breathe fire, but they were still dragons, and they were carnivorous and had high defensive power. They generally moved in groups, and it was said that anyone unfortunate enough to encounter a herd could only give up their life. Although resigning themselves wasn't necessary for Kazane and the others.

「There are 103. They're stretched out widely with a thin depth of about five creatures.」

After being woken up by Yumika and Naoki, Kazane put on her equipment and summoned the Thunder Chariot, and was now watching the group of Earth Dragons' circumstances from the cottage's roof with the remote viewing of her Circlet of Wisdom.

「Kazane, Hippomaru-kun is connected to the carriage.」

Jinrai's voice reached the roof from below. Jinrai was asked to connect Hippomaru-kun and the Thunder Chariot.

「OK. We should have around five more minutes before they come.」

Jinrai had discovered the Earth Dragons. Right now they were still a mass of specks approaching from a distance.

「How shall we do it?」

Kazane understood from Jinrai's expression that his question was「How will we beat them」instead of「How will we run away?」Then Kazane replied to Jinrai with a smile.

「Shall we go with the full power『Crawling Lightning』?」

Jinrai's smiled joyfully.

Saying「They were expressly given that name,」Kazane called the full speed Hippomaru-kun and Thunder Chariot combo『Crawling Lightning.』And in the battle in the arena against the black monster, the Thunder Chariot's lightning caused damage without even being in Battle Mode. Its true value would be realized when Kazane poured in her Magic Power, so its full power with discharge from the wheels' blades was still unclear.

However, Jinrai was truly skilled. He wouldn't lose sight of things for the sake of his desires, so he asked what he should ask.

「But, is your Magic Power okay?」

Kazane had used a lot of Magic Power on the cottage yesterday. Humans generally recovered their Magic Power in about half a day, but reserve Magic Power accumulating items recovered at the same rate only after the user's Magic Power was full.

「My Magic Power is completely full. The Crimson Saint Coffin has about 100 left after I summoned the Thunder Chariot earlier, and the White Accumulator has about 20 left.」

Since Jinrai had never seen a Status screen, he didn't know the real meaning of those figures, but he understood that there was surplus. There was no need to hold back.

「Then let's go, Kazane!」


Kazane cheerfully jumped off the roof in response to Jinrai's enthusiastic yell.

◎ Morogo Mountains, Niru River, Thunder Chariot

「Are we seriously doing this?」

Tiara said with a resigned voice. Louise was erecting defensive magic for an emergency. Tiara was also preparing to summon Flame Knights, but she definitely didn't agree with what they were about to do.

「She said we would become wind.」

Yumika said beside Tiara. This arrangement was so she could protect Tiara with her Wolf God Transformation if a problem arose.

「Haa, hahahaha. It will be okay. Let's believe in Aneki.」

In the end, Naoki's face was the most pale as he spoke. Tiara, Yumika, and Louise had all experienced Kazane's absurd behavior and knew she wouldn't do this if she wasn't confident it would work, but Naoki was different. He was really scared of it going poorly. That was natural, considering Naoki's past experience. Naoki had the memory of being chased by an Earth Dragon Modoki when he appeared in this world, which was an inferior version of an Earth Dragon. Furthermore, it was recognized by adventurers active in Hyvern that encountering a group of Earth Dragons was equivalent to death. Several acquaintances had died.

With that past as a foundation, Kazane's behavior now could only be seen as a suicidal act to Naoki, but since both Kazane and Jinrai thought it would go well, he decided to believe in them instead.

This time Kazane was sitting in the coachman seat alongside Jinrai. That was because it was necessary for her to simultaneously monitor the operation of the Thunder Chariot and use remote viewing with her Circlet of Wisdom. She also intended to fire Kazane Neo Bazooka if it was necessary.

「Well then, let's go.」

Then Kazane grasped the railings and sent in Magic Powers, and the Thunder Chariot groaned and elevated. The body became slightly more aerodynamic, and huge blades like mixer blades sprang out of the wheels and spewed a tremendous amount of discharge.

「The battle objective is to protect the cottage. So we'll slam into the front and divide the flock.....does that sound good?」

Jinrai nodded to Kazane's question. Earth Dragons were carnivores, but they were also cowardly. Usually dragon hunters would use explosive magic or devices set up in front of a group to make them disperse. Then the fleeing dragons wouldn't turn back. Kazane thought their habits were more like herbivores.

「We should do a U-turn to bring down more. If that's not enough, we should immediately start battling to settle the problem.」

「Ok. Well then, go!」

Then Hippomaru-kun with the Thunder Chariot began to run. A defensive barrier surrounded them due to a mysterious electromagnetic effect, and Hippomaru-kun accelerated with little air resistance. The discharge from the wheels and blades accordingly intensified. It ran forward with a thunderous roar. Lightning also passed through the Black Rock Dragon horns protruding from Hippomaru-kun, and Dragon Spirit accompanied the tremendous discharge.

From a distance, its appearance was like lightning itself running across the ground. It reached the herd of Earth Dragons in a short period of time and grandly trampled through the center.


Earth Dragons screamed as they were blown away. Five or six bodies flew? Shortly after checking, Kazane passed through the herd and did a U-turn after several hundred meters, then once again drove into the group. The Earth Dragons screamed again and started fleeing. The cowardly Earth Dragons were afraid of the wonder that suddenly appeared. They could clearly feel the top ranking Dragon Spirit mixed in.

As a result, their fighting spirit didn't rise, and they ran away. Kazane and the others persistently chased them, and the final count of Earth Dragons killed was 16. Kazane's level rose by 1, and she also gained a Skill called『Sturdy Teeth.』The Passive Skill was literal, but it was unclear if it was useful for anything.

After that, the dead bodies were gathered in one place with Hippomaru-kun and the Tatsuyoshi-kun series, but Kazane and Jinrai thought it was impossible to bring everything with them. As they were thinking (everyone else is really unenergetic), a man riding a horse could be seen in the distance.

「Who is that?」

Jinrai asked, so Kazane used remote viewing and replied「It's a young man with a tough middle-aged man look.」She didn't know who it was. For now they waited for him, since he didn't seem dangerous, and the man arrived with an agitated countenance.

「Hey, you guys. Wha, wha, what is all this?」

It felt like he was too agitated to really understand. Well, Earth Dragons were usually hunted with around 10 people, and it was common to guide two to a certain place before hunting them. From a distance it looked like a group of Earth Dragons was attacked by a mysterious light, and then a carriage appeared from somewhere and began collecting the dead dragons. Although he came to observe the situation right away, he groaned when he approached and saw an Ojii-chan and child. Naturally, it was incomprehensible.

「Calm down, young man.」

Jinrai so greeted the man.

「Ah, yes. S, sorry.」

Jinrai's dignity cooled the man's agitation, and he gradually regained his calm.

「Ah, no. You guys did all this?」

「Isn't that obvious?」

The reply didn't come from the old man, but from the proud cocky child.


The man observed the girl. She didn't seem to suit such a place, yet it felt like she was so familiar to it that it was somehow natural. The old man and child were wearing white cloaks, and ferocious armor covering her feet was visible if he carefully looked in the gap of her cloak.

When he saw that, the man understood and turned pale. A few days ago he had heard a rumor about a girl with armor covering her feet in a white cloak. He suddenly understood the identity of the childlike thing in front of him.

(No way...... the Ogre Killing Princess?)

That figure was unmistakable when he looked again. It was unexpected that she really was a child like the rumors said. No matter how somehow looked at it, the contents of the rumors seemed exaggerated, and when he was talking in the tavern there was loud laughter when he said「I don't really understand, but there's no way she's a child.」

But she was in front of his eyes. They had only just met, but he could believe it was her based on her speech and the 16 dead Earth Dragons in front of him. Because his eyes were drawn to the Earth Dragons he didn't notice at first, but there was a dangerous horse and carriage behind the Ogre Killing Princess-like young girl. The horse was much bigger than the horse the man was now riding, with black armor covering its entire body and huge dragon-like horns protruding from the front. The carriage was large and similarly covered in jet black armor, with blades protruding from the extra wide wheels. The horns, wheels, and wheel blades were all stained with what was apparently the blood of the Earth Dragons, so they had probably defeated them.

It felt like a figure that embodied all the violence in this world.

(I'm going to be killed!?)

At that time, the man thought so from the bottom of his heart.

Name: Yuihama Kazane

Occupation: Magic Swordswoman

Title: Ogre Killer, Dragon Slayer, High Beast Summoner

Equipment: Staff 『White Blaze』, Two Handed Sword『Black Fang』, Adhesion Sword『Gum』, Spell Dagger, Dragonscale Breastplate, Drake Gauntlets, Silver Sheep Clothes, Sylphyn Skirt, Plasma Pants, Dragon Ogre Greaves, Indestructible Cloak, Mysterious Pouch, Crimson Saint Coffin, Heroic Spirit Summoning Ring, Circlet of Wisdom, Aim Bracelet, Magic Accumulator, White Magic Accumulator

Level : 30

Health: 107

Magic Power: 181+420

Strength: 52+10

Agility: 43+4

Endurance: 29

Wisdom : 57

Dexterity : 38

Spell : 『Fly』 『Torch』 『Fire』 『Heal』『Firestorm』『Healer Ray』『High Heal』

Skill : 『Warrior's Memory』 『Night Vision』 『Crushing Blow』 『Dog’s Sense of Smell』 『Golem Maker: Lv3』 『Rush』 『Fire Principle: Third Chapter』 『Healing Principle: Fourth Chapter』 『Air Jump: Lv2』 『Killing Leg: Lv2』 『Fear Voice』 『Invisible』 『Tiger Eye』 『Wall Walking』 『Intuition』 『Cheat Death』 『Nimble』『Charge』『Material Shield』『Information Link』『Optical Camouflage』『Dash』『Bloodsucking Blade』『Dragonization』『Regenerate』『Soul Breaking Blade』『Stealthy Placement』『Thunder Chariot』『Sturdy Teeth』

Kazane:「How rude, thinking he's going to be killed.」

Yumika:「No, I think that's a normal state of mind, like not wanting to approach a suspicious black Benz with tinted windows.」


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