Manowa 267

Chapter 267 - Let's Fly in the Sky

The Dragonized Kazane spread her wings and rushed up into the sky. Her blue body soared while shining with rainbow Dragon Spirit.


『Motherrrr, it's hiiiigh!!』

Kazane raised her voice, followed by Tatsuo riding on her head. This was the first time Kazane had been able to so freely move her body while Dragonized. Though being on the wielded side of that enthusiasm didn't seem quite as nice.

「Horizontal! Put us horizontal! We're beーingーcrushedーー!!」

Yumika's frantic shout from inside the carriage could be heard. The Thunder Chariot was currently turned upward. The situation inside the carriage was easy to guess.

『Ahーsorry, sorry.』

Kazane noticed that the angle of the carriage in her hands was close to vertical, so she returned the Thunder Chariot to horizontal. She decided not to look at the situation inside.

Since long ago, Kazane had been a child who swung around things like cake boxes when she was excited. She had cried many times when she looked inside after reaching her house.

Each time, her mom would comfort her by saying「You were happy, weren't you.」The very young Naoki said「It's delicious, Onee-chan」while stuffing his cheeks with his ruined birthday cake, and she further broke down crying and said「I'm sorry, even though I'm the Onee-chan, I'm sorry.」At that time, Kazane remembered her father was laughing with a troubled expression. It was a bitter, pleasant, and nostalgic memory.

(Ah, will it soon be six months since I last met mom and the rest?)

And from suddenly remembering her original world, Kazane smiled fondly.

On the other hand, she was flying under the blue sky herself. And a floating island was before her eyes. Kazane was currently alive in a world she could have never imagined back then.

There was no way Kazane didn't feel anything from being separated from her family. She had remembered them many times since coming to this world and cried. Still, after the first month, she had gotten used to her fulfilling life, and her tears had disappeared. Before she knew it, she had solidified her determination to live in this world. Kazane had grown up a little like that.

However, that didn't mean her desire to meet her father and mother had disappeared. That didn't mean her feelings toward her original world had disappeared.

(After the floating island, return to the Dragon Village once, then dive the golden ruins in Minshiana?)

Class A dungeon『Gordo Golden Ruins』. They planned to make Gordios City, where the dungeon was located, their base from now on. Kazane and her companions would begin their search in that dungeon for the entrance to their original world.

「Iーtold youーalready, we're being crushedーー」

Once again, Yumika's sorrowful voice from inside the carriage could be heard. They were once again almost vertical. (Not good, not good) Kazane repented while shaking her head, and she decided to focus on what was currently in front of her. And once again, she decided not to think about what was going on inside. She wondered if she could say「We've arrived here by my power」boastfully once they arrived at the island to somehow gloss over it with momentum.


(At any rate, I think she'll probably try to gloss over it with momentum)

Yumika grumbled in her mind while watching Kazane's Dragonized face through the window. Though they were unmistakably going there through Kazane's power, so she wasn't planning to complain. However, she had a hunch that when they reached the island, her best friend would probably be trembling from nervousness as she tried to act boastful as a bluff.

By the way, Yumika and the others inside the carriage had their bodies secured with ropes as they rode. Even so, they hadn't expected that the carriage would go vertical, so it had been a bit dangerous just now. They thought they would be crushed to death. However, since Kazane had finally settled down, it seemed there wouldn't be any more problems.

「How is Kazane?」

Jinrai sitting next to her asked. Yumika bitterly smiled and replied.

「It seems like her mood is soaring. Well, she's literally soaring, though.」

That was probably just what flying in the sky was like. Yumika was honestly envious.

(Ahーflying in the sky might be nice)

Yumika thought while watching Kazane. Wanting to freely fly in the sky was something that probably everybody thought about at least once.

「There are no signs of monsters in the area. I thought Griffons or something would come out and make a move on us.」

Naoki said while surveying the surroundings. He was using Remote Viewing with his Distant View Earrings to be vigilant about the surroundings, but exactly as he said, there were no figures of monsters anywhere.

「Well, the Griffons avoiding us is predictable. It might be different for someone riding a Wyvern, but Kazane is a blue dragon on the verge of becoming an Adult dragon.」

Everyone nodded after Jinrai's words. That was something they had been able to predict during their preflight meeting. Nonetheless, preparations for air combat were more or less in order.

The main fighting power was Tatsuo's Mega Beam, Kazane's Breath, and Tiara's Flame Power. Louise's magic and Naoki's magic swords would support from inside the carriage.

Also, the carriage was too packed for Yumika and Jinrai to use their throwing technique『Thunder God Spear』or for Emily to use her bow. Kazane was liable to drop the carriage from the recoil of the Railgun, so that was completely out.

「But even so, is it strange?」

Jinrai tilted his head a little while looking outside.

「Is there still something strange?」

「Well, even if they normally wouldn't approach, I think they would still watch from a distance while hoping for Kazane to drop part of what she's holding so they can aim for it.」

Jinrai expected that they would aim for the possibility of leavings, but it seemed there were no signs of that. Jinrai was puzzled by that, and he further frowned when he sensed something strange in the area.

(Mu, what is this presence?)

The moment Jinrai thought that, Emily looked outside and shouted. Her line of sight was pointed at a giant sky blue dragon over 30 meters in length flying next to blue dragon Kazane.


『What the hellll!!?』

Kazane reflexively shouted. She didn't feel any signs, then something was suddenly there. A huge dragon more than three times Kazane's size was flying by her side. Before she noticed.

『Hmmm, young lady... I think? Do you understand my words?』

And when that voice arrived, Kazane perceived that the dragon wasn't an enemy. She was honestly relieved. Receiving an attack from something so outrageous while in this place was a death flag. In any case, she was called out to, so she had to answer. And Kazane had an idea of what type of dragon he was.

『Umm, perhaps a Sky Dragon-san?』

Sky Dragons were large dragons that continually flew in the sky. The world's largest silent killer, they assimilated with the blue sky, erased their scents, then launched surprise attacks without their prey perceiving them. Since he had shown his figure and spoken to her, he likely wasn't hostile.

『You know well. Just so. I am a Sky Dragon, Azure Sky Dragon Paimon. There's a small thing I want to ask. Young lady, do you know of the place called the East Dragon Village?』

Kazane displayed a little vigilance after those words. Paimon noticed and bitterly smiled.

『No, I'm nobody suspicious. I'm Naga's friend.』


Kazane unintentionally blurted out after his words.



As might be expected, Kazane wondered if she had been imprudent, but it was too late. However, Paimon replied without any particular ill will.

『Hou, then the young lady is Kazane? Tsk, Naga, you were a lolicon?』

『Uu, Husband isn't a lolicon. He fell in love with me, and I just happened to be a little small.』

『Every lolicon says that.』

That's true. Though Naga never said that in particular. Kazane had simply arbitrarily spoken for him.

『Well, it's fine. I was asked to do a little something. I've come this far, but I've forgotten the location of the village. There are some dragons around here, so I tried asking, but they're all wild subspecies that can't be conversed with, so I've been taking a small break while wondering what I should do.』

『Mmm, I see. I can contact Husband, but until I land on the island, it's impossible.』

『Hou. In that case, shall I guide you? I know a calm place.』

Kazane nodded to those words, and the giant sky blue dragon moved ahead of blue dragon Kazane as they flew to the island. Tatsuo said『He's huuge』while looking at him.

『Your child?』

『He's me and Husband's child.』

『I see. Just like that guy wrote in his letter?』

Paimon laughed.

『Did you get a letter from Husband?』

『It was nothing but unbecoming for his age fond speaking about his loved ones. So passionate.』

『Geezーstop itー』

Kazane shook her head bashfully after Paimon's words.

Naoki heard those words inside the carriage and shook his head indignantly, but Jinrai's karate chop calmed him.

Then the White Party was guided by the sky blue dragon until they landed on the floating island.

Name: Yuihama Kazane

Occupation: Summoning Fighter

Title: Ogre Killer, Dragon Slayer, High Beast Summoner, Rea King

Equipment: Staff 『White Blaze』, Two Handed Sword『Black Fang』, Draghorn Tonfa x2, Dragonscale Breastplate, Drake Gauntlets, Silver Sheep Clothes, Sylphyn Skirt, Plasma Pants, Dragon Eating Ogre King's Greaves, Indestructible Cloak, Mysterious Pouch, Crimson Saint Coffin, Heroic Spirit Summoning Ring, Circlet of Wisdom, Aim Bracelet, Magic Accumulator, White Magic Accumulator, Rainbow Necklace, Rainbow Dragon Ring

Level : 36

Health: 145

Magic Power: 304+420

Strength: 67+20

Agility: 71+14

Endurance: 38

Wisdom : 72

Dexterity : 47

Spell : 『Fly』『Torch』『Fire』『Heal』『Firestorm』『Healer Ray』『High Heal』『Golden Dusk「Dragon Exclusive」』『Mirror Shield』

Skill : 『Kick Devil』『Warrior's Memory: Lv2』『Night Vision』『Crushing Blow』『Dog's Sense of Smell: Lv2』『Golem Maker: Lv3』『Rush』『Fire Principle: Third Chapter』『Healing Principle: Fourth Chapter』『Air Jump: Lv2』『Killing Leg: Lv3』『Fear Voice』『Invisible』『Tiger Eye』『Wall Walking』『Intuition』『Cheat Death』『Nimble』『Charge』『Material Shield: Lv2』『Information Link: Lv2』『Optical Camouflage』『High Dash』『Bloodsucking Blade』『Dragonization: Lv2「Dragon」』『Regenerate』『Soul Breaking Blade』『Stealthy Hand Placement』『Thunder Chariot: Lv2』『Sturdier Teeth: Lv2「Dragon」』『Crystallization: Lv2「Dragon」』『Devil King's Intimidation』『Stone Minotaur: Lv2』『Mega Beam: Lv2』『Space Expansion』『Pseudo-Silver Creation』『Poison Claw』『Fireball「Dragon」』『Cuticle「Dragon」』『Arms Creation: Black Flame』『Ingredient Connoisseur』『Dragon Pheromone「Dragon」』『Boost』『Monkey's Strong Arm』『Two-sword Style』『Boobies Plus』

Kazane:「Grandpa dragon Paimon-san has come.」

Yumika:「He said he had been taking a break for a while. Perhaps this person (?) is the reason the Griffons descended?」

Kazane:「Ahーthat might be so.」


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