Manowa 274

Chapter 274 - Let's Be a Drama-free Girl

「What in the world were you doing, Yumika? Properly think when you move.」

「Even though you're the one that always tells others to not get carried away.」

After the battle ended, Kazane and Jinrai started criticizing Yumika. The two had been aware that something was strange about Yumika before the battle. It would be different if Yumika were acting normally, but they had thought that the current Yumika might make some kind of blunder, so they had acted cautiously. Perhaps that approach was a mistake? Yumika had made a mess, and Kazane and Jinrai hadn't been able to cope with it.

The result was this:

Kazane's battle record: 1 Guard Military Ant.

Jinrai's battle record: 3 Guard Military Ants.

Yumika's battle record: 6 Guard Military Ants. 1 Queen Military Ant.

Morphia's battle record: 0.

「Do you have no spirit of give-and-take?!」

「Morphia-san is a bow user. He'll be a complete laughingstock when he returns to the village. He'll be told things like『Even though you're the village mayor?』『Even though you're a bow user?』while being laughed at. Even Emily will say『Eh, master? I don't want you as my master!』with a snicker!!」

「Umm. Yeah. Sorry. I wanted to check my condition for a little. Rather, Kazane, that isn't funny.」

Yumika understood that her best friend and master were scolding her, but it seemed she had thick skin. For some reason, only the uninvolved Morphia was dissed, and he was dejected.

「Nuu, even though you didn't use your God Wolf Transformation, your movements improved. What did you do?」

In any case, that was enough joking around, and Kazane asked that. Even though she didn't use her Gold Wolf Transformation, Yumika accelerated rapidly and sprang out in front after the battle commenced and immediately decided the battle. As expected, the Queen Military Ant was not a significant enemy compared to the strong enemies they had just fought. Rather, it was specialized in production, not combat, and it's large size was for intimidation. As a result, Yumika won the battle by herself.

Kazane also had Skills that could bring down big game, and Jinrai was more powerful than Yumika. However, they weren't able to catch up with her mobility, which had been almost as fast as when she used her God Wolf Transformation. It was the difference in travel time rather than fighting power that produced the results of this battle.

However, the incomprehensible part was that Yumika was able to get that result even though she didn't use her God Wolf Transformation.

「Ah, it was the effect of Superiorization.」

Kazane made a bewildered expression after the unexpected reply.

Kazane had sensed that Yumika was worrying about something before the battle, which had also made it weigh on her mind, and she'd had a rough idea of the cause. It had seemed like Yumika was worrying over the details of something, and it was conceivable that it was because she had reached Level 40 and the Superiorization options had appeared.

In that case, Kazane had thought that when their exploration of Angelite City was over and they returned to the Cottage, Yumika would consult with her while in tears from worrying about things, like not knowing which choice was correct, worries about returning to their original world if she changed her race, and other such things that required resolution to decide.

『But I can say that no matter how Yumika's appearance changes, I will always be your friend.』

And she had thought that she would be able to use that signature phrase as the clincher of their conversation.

I will be the cool friend that accepts everything her friend decides. I, Kazane, am a magnanimous girl. Kazane's heart had been overflowing with those feelings. But now, there was the sound of collapsing. The Kazane Talk Show that should have evoked the miracle called being deeply moved was being destroyed with noisy clatters. It was being destroyed by the best friend in front of her.

「Umm, you already made your choice?」

「Yeah. I'm now a『Metamorphosis Miko』of the『Hermit』race.」

She checked just to make sure, and she was lightly replied to.

Incidentally, other than slightly higher Status and tapered ears, Hermits were basically the same as normal human beings. Their lifespan was about 150 years, longer than the Humans but shorter than Elves. They could be called an innocuously good race. By the way, since Arch was a Hermit, Yumika had known what features would change from becoming one, so it seemed she'd had no reluctance.

「No, normally you'd think it over, right? Worry about various things a little more, maybe ask for your best friend's opinion?」

「Well, even if you say that, of course I'd have a problem with becoming dog-like or growing fangs. About the only change from becoming a Hermit is the ears.」

Yumika pulled her own ear. It was certainly a little sharp, but that was it.

「I also have a best friend who transforms into a dragon and Devil King, so I thought it would be fine like this.」

「Unuu. By the way, what were your choices?」

The options Yumika answered to Kazane's question are as follows.

・ Spear Saint (Human race)

・ God Wolf Hunter (God Wolf race)

・ Metamorphosis Miko (Hermit race)

・ Dragon Warrior (Dragonoid race)

「You would have stayed Human as a Spear Saint, right?」

「I'll train my spearmanship with my own strength, so I don't need such unfairness.」

She said while clutching her beloved spear Silky. Kazane was a little curious about how much unfairness was unfair in her mind, but she left it alone. It would be stirring up the hornet's nest.

It seemed that becoming a Dragonoid or God Wolf wasn't an option from the beginning due to the considerable appearance changes. Therefore, there was only one option.

「Or rather, it's amazing that there are three different races even though it would normally be only Human race choices.」

It seemed that Yuuko-nee hadn't had any choices from other races. Choices from other races were rare even in Zexiaharts.

「Well, when it's your turn, I feel like even more outrageous things are going to appear. Like God Dragon or Devil King?」

「Hahaha, no way.」

Because Superiorization choices changed depending on Skills and the content of the Action Log up to that point, what would appear based on looking at Kazane's Skills was too unknowable.

「So, what? What in the world?」

Jinrai, who had been listening from the side, said with a dumbfounded expression. Naturally, he hadn't understood the meaning of their conversation, and since the two were so excited, he had been left out. Morphia was also completely out of the loop.

「NnーIt seems Yumika has powered up. It was『Metamorphosis Miko』, wasn't it?」

Yumika nodded after Kazane's spoke.

「Yeah. I obtained a Skill called『Metamorphosis Divine Protection』that consumes Magic Power to let me use one of the temporary Skills from my transformations at any time. I also got a Skill called『Deepening』」

A『Metamorphosis Miko』was a person who metamorphosed from something like being possessed. To an extent, that option appearing could be called inevitable, considering the fact that Yumika used her God Wolf Transformation and Dragonoidization almost every day if special training was included.

By the way, Yumika had chosen to use『Nimble』from her God Wolf Transformation this time. It seemed『Deepening』had an effect on her transformed appearance. Jinrai said「I see」and nodded while thinking that special training would progress even further now. For Jinrai, his disciple becoming stronger was something to be grateful for.

Anyway, the battle was over. It seemed Kazane had desired drama from Yumika's Superiorization, but there was nothing in particular. It seemed she was absent-minded before the battle because she was reading the explanation for Metamorphosis Miko in a private Window. And when Yumika said she would talk about it later, she was talking about reporting the results.

There wouldn't be an event like the party falling into a crisis where Yumika would say「To save everyone, this is the only option!」and transform without worrying about the risk to herself. And after smashing the enemy to pieces with the overwhelming power gained from transforming into something like a monster, Kazane would hug the crying Yumika and say「Yumika is Yumika! No matter how you look, you're my best friend!」... that chance had been lost forever.

They obtained the Magic Life Stone by defeating the Queen, and they had to choose how to deal with it. If they left it alone, it would produce monsters by itself, and if they brought it with them, it would attract monsters, so it would normally be destroyed instead of taken.

However, when Kazane tried Crystallizing it as a test, it was successfully hardened and sealed, so she decided to collect it for now. There wasn't anything in particular she was planning to use it for, but she might find a use for it somewhere. In addition, she obtained the Skill『Alarm』from the Guard Military Ant. Yumika killed the Queen, so naturally, she didn't get a Skill from it.

(Well, considering the Skill I obtained from the last Queen-type monster I killed, that might be for the best...) Kazane thought to comfort herself.

And to prevent other Military Ants from returning, Kazane's group blocked off all the other places that seemed like passageways before they returned to the surface.

Name: Yuihama Kazane

Occupation: Summoning Fighter

Title: Ogre Killer, Dragon Slayer, High Beast Summoner, Rea King

Equipment: Staff 『White Blaze』, Two Handed Sword『Black Fang』, Draghorn Tonfa x2, Dragonscale Breastplate, Drake Gauntlets, Silver Sheep Clothes, Sylphyn Skirt, Plasma Pants, Dragon Eating Ogre King's Greaves, Indestructible Cloak, Mysterious Pouch, Crimson Saint Coffin, Heroic Spirit Summoning Ring, Circlet of Wisdom, Aim Bracelet, Magic Accumulator, White Magic Accumulator, Rainbow Necklace, Rainbow Dragon Ring

Level : 36

Health: 145

Magic Power: 304+420

Strength: 67+20

Agility: 71+14

Endurance: 38

Wisdom : 72

Dexterity : 47

Spell : 『Fly』『Torch』『Fire』『Heal』『Firestorm』『Healer Ray』『High Heal』『Golden Dusk「Dragon Exclusive」』『Mirror Shield』

Skill : 『Kick Devil』『Warrior's Memory: Lv2』『Night Vision』『Crushing Blow』『Dog's Sense of Smell: Lv2』『Golem Maker: Lv3』『Rush』『Fire Principle: Third Chapter』『Healing Principle: Fourth Chapter』『Air Jump: Lv2』『Killing Leg: Lv3』『Fear Voice』『Invisible』『Tiger Eye』『Wall Walking』『Intuition』『Cheat Death』『Nimble』『Charge』『Material Shield: Lv2』『Information Link: Lv2』『Optical Camouflage』『High Dash』『Bloodsucking Blade』『Dragonization: Lv2「Dragon」』『Regenerate』『Soul Breaking Blade』『Stealthy Hand Placement』『Thunder Chariot: Lv2』『Sturdier Teeth: Lv2「Dragon」』『Crystallization: Lv2「Dragon」』『Devil King's Intimidation』『Stone Minotaur: Lv2』『Mega Beam: Lv2』『Space Expansion』『Pseudo-Silver Creation』『Poison Claw』『Fireball「Dragon」』『Cuticle「Dragon」』『Arms Creation: Black Flame』『Ingredient Connoisseur』『Dragon Pheromone「Dragon」』『Boost』『Monkey's Strong Arm』『Two-sword Style』『Boobies Plus』『Living Armor』『Alarm』

Kazane:「By the way, the God Wolf race and Dragonoid race would have looked about the same as her transformed appearances. However, she wouldn't have gained the added Skills and same degree of ability increase as her God Wolf Bangle and Dragon Contract Bangle, and even if she used the bangles, they would have had the same effect without any extra Status increase, so I guess the value of the bangles would have fallen?」

Yumika:「The God Wolf silver hair is beautiful, but as you might expect, I feel some resistance towards becoming dog-like and a Beastkin.」


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