Manowa 286

Chapter 286 - Let's Collect

The battle against the Adamant Skull Ashuras had ended without incident, and it was now time to collect materials.

The materials they were able to collect were their Adamantium bones and weapons, as well as 4 high grade Skeleton Cores that were able to be obtained by sealing the movements of some Adamant Skull Ashuras near the end.

The material called Adamantium that the Adamant Skull Ashuras were composed of was a material that had diamond-like hardness and extremely high magic resistance. Since it could be loaded with magical power, it was also an excellent weapon material, but if pushed to say, it was a material that was more useful for armor. Also, the appearance of the gathered together pile of skeletons gave off the same impression as a catacomb. Even though it was only a pile of metal objects imitating the shape of human bones, why did they give off a haunted atmosphere?

They also obtained a large amount of Adamantium weapons. In general, each one had a pair of spears, axes, and swords. Since they defeated 46, the total number of weapons they obtained was 276. It was an amount that could be sold wholesale to an army. And there was a high possibility that number would increase as they explored other sections.

Also, since the Adamant Skull Ashuras inside the Vordo Ruins were a kind of magic trap, their materials would disappear if they were brought out of the ruins, but since these Adamant Skull Ashuras were stand-alone types, it seemed their materials could be taken away just fine.

「As you'd expected, that won't fit in the Mysterious Warehouse.」

Kazane muttered when she saw the mountain of collected materials. The large-scale storage item『Mysterious Warehouse』she obtained from Yuuko-nee had gradually been filled with materials from the Black Rock Dragon, Crystal Dragon, Dragon Eaters, Odanobunagas, etc., and finally, it had become impossible to store any more.

「Aneki has had a hoarding habit since the old days. I think it would be better to sell off the items that aren't needed.」

Kazane made a vexed expression after Naoki's reasonable statement.

「Buu... we might use them someday.」

Kazane replied. Kazane was the type of gamer to defeat even hidden bosses using only recovery items that could be bought from shops. Not needing to consume recovery items was also the reason her Heroic Spirit Sieg was specialized in defense.

In any case, the inescapable reality was that they had obtained an amount of material that wouldn't fit in the Mysterious Warehouse. Therefore, Kazane temporarily left the shipyard, took out her Cottage, and added a room with a certain height between the first and second floors. She decided to use that room as a spare warehouse. As a result, the Cottage became even taller.

Also, the high grade Skeleton Cores were items that could be used by a high level Necromancer to create powerful skeletons. If combined with the Adamantium they had picked up, it was also possible to make Adamant Skull Ashuras, but naturally, nobody there had the Skill to do that, so at the present point, they were pearls thrown before swine.

「Maybe Yohan-san in Minshiana could use them.」

「Ah, that guy? He would be able to, wouldn't he?」

Kazane muttered, and Naoki agreed. Yohan was a player with a skeletal appearance who had become a Ghost King. It seemed like he would be able to make practical use of them. They were planning to meet with him on the way home to propose registering him as a party member for communication purposes anyway, so Kazane thought they could talk to him about it at that time.

Though they had no duty to give them away for free, so they would need to negotiate a price.

With this and that, the material collection and organizing took until just past noon. Therefore, they decided that searching the other sections would start tomorrow. After having a late lunch, Kazane and the others decided to enter the Dragon Boats in this section and search for Power Orbs.

「It feels like we've obtained an excessively large amount of materials since coming to this floating island.」

Kazane grumbled as they walked.

「Well, it's a place that has been left alone for hundreds of years. It had probably accumulated.」

Jinrai replied. Though he ignored the fact that a party would usually be killed by the large amount of monsters needed to get that large amount of material. Moreover, ordinary weapons would probably do almost no damage to Adamant Skull Ashuras. Even if there were hundreds of soldiers, if they couldn't do damage, it wouldn't be a match in the first place.

On the other hand, Kazane and the others had high firepower, so even if their numbers were few, they could reliably defeat Adamant Skull Ashuras. Though since they had living flesh, soldiers would be able to damage Kazane and the others, so it could be called a three-way deadlock.

「It seems dungeons that have been left alone for a long time tend to be like that.」

『Apparently, adventurers are springing up at the Gordo Golden Ruins.』

Those were the words of Louise and Mefirus. The rank A dungeon『Gordo Golden Ruins』that Kazane and the others were planning to head towards. Since it hadn't been explored for a long time due to the agitations of war between Minshiana and Soldard, groups aiming to get rich quickly were currently going there in large numbers, to the point that the story had reached even Hyvern.

While talking about such things, Kazane and the others arrived at one of the abandoned Dragon Boats. Butler No. 13 told them to destroy the Dragon Boats if necessary, but the armor and frame of the Dragon Boats were made of Adamantium. The existence of the Adamant Skull Ashuras was due to the large amount of Adamantium material that was here from the start.

Hence, destroying them would be considerably difficult, but Kazane had a means to enter the Dragon Boats other than destruction. That was the Artifact Infinite Key.


A keyhole appeared in the air in front of the entrance to the Dragon Boat, and Kazane inserted the Infinite Key, turned it, and unlocked the entrance without incident. From the side, it looked like she had unlocked the door normally with a key, but since there was no keyhole in the first place, Lyle didn't quite understand the reason and tilted his head.

◎ Floating Island, Dragonil Shipyard, Abandoned Dragon Boat Interior

Kazane and the others had entered the Dragon Boat. The internal structure was the same as the Dragon Boat that regularly flew between Minshiana and Hyvern, so Kazane proceeded without hesitation, and her companions walked behind her.

On the way, they saw the same disk-shaped maintenance machines that Kazane saw in the interior of the previous Dragon Boat scattered around, but they didn't move. Like the Adamant Skull Ashuras in the Vordo Ruins, it seemed they didn't have a Core and operated by external supply instead, so since the Dragon Boat wasn't operating, their unmoving condition was natural.


After unlocking the strictly locked door leading to the interior of the Dragon Boat and entering the engine room, Kazane groaned.

「Hmm, were they supposed to be here?」

Jinrai asked Kazane while looking around after entering behind her.

In front of them, there was something resembling a pedestal, and there were signs that something had been installed there.

「Yeah. There's one Power Orb (Small), but it looks like the main Power Orbs were taken out.」

Kazane picked up the soccer ball-sized orb that was carelessly lying around as she surveyed the surroundings and said that. This Power Orb (Small) was powerful enough to replace Naga's Core, but Kazane was searching for the main Power Orbs, which were 1 meter in diameter. In other words, this Dragon Boat was a miss.

Kazane and the others searched further inside, and although there was Muscle Clay and the like, as they expected, they didn't find the main Power Orbs. However, they did find another interesting thing in the cargo space of the Dragon Boat.

「What is this?」

It was a small Dragon Boat that occupied about one-third of the cargo space.

「It's a personal Dragon Boat. A three-seater guy.」

Personal use Dragon Boats were existences that Kazane and other players were quite familiar with.

They could travel between towns by paying a fixed amount of money, and there were some players like Tatsuyoshi who owned large Dragon Boats, but the item before them was undoubtedly one of the personal use Dragon Boats that the average player used. They were used for Field movement in the endgame.

「Since you said it's a three-seater, having all members ride it would be impossible?」

Lyle muttered as he looked at the miniature Dragon Boat with curiosity, but Naoki supplemented from behind.

「No, if I remember correctly, there's an arm on the bottom of the ship, so couldn't it attach to the carriage from above and carry it, Aneki?」

Kazane nodded after Naoki's words. In other words, with 8 people in the Thunder Chariot and 3 in the Dragon Boat, a total of 11 people could be transported.

「As for power... it looks like it doesn't have one, but if we put the Power Orb (Small) we found in the engine area a bit ago inside, it should be able to move. Shall we take it?」

So saying, Kazane activated her Item Box's large storage space.

And they got a means of aviation. Though since they could already do that by having Kazane use Dragonization and carry them like when she brought them to this island, it wasn't like they had particularly become able to do something they couldn't before. On the other hand, since Naoki and Yumika also knew how to operate it, there was also the advantage that someone other than Kazane could now carry people; the stability of their movement through the air wouldn't depend on Kazane's mood, so they wouldn't have to go through the shaky experience they went through on their way to the floating island ever again.

Name: Yuihama Kazane

Occupation: Summoning Fighter

Title: Ogre Killer, Dragon Slayer, High Beast Summoner, Rea King

Equipment: Staff 『White Blaze』, Two Handed Sword『Black Fang』, Draghorn Tonfa x2, Dragonscale Breastplate, Drake Gauntlets, Silver Sheep Clothes, Sylphyn Skirt, Plasma Pants, Dragon Eating Ogre King's Greaves, Indestructible Cloak, Mysterious Pouch, Crimson Saint Coffin, Heroic Spirit Summoning Ring, Circlet of Wisdom, Aim Bracelet, Magic Accumulator, White Magic Accumulator, Rainbow Necklace, Rainbow Dragon Ring

Level : 36

Health: 145

Magic Power: 304+420

Strength: 67+20

Agility: 71+14

Endurance: 38

Wisdom : 72

Dexterity : 47

Spell : 『Fly』『Torch』『Fire』『Heal』『Firestorm』『Healer Ray』『High Heal』『Golden Dusk「Dragon Exclusive」』『Mirror Shield』

Skill : 『Kick Devil』『Warrior's Memory: Lv2』『Night Vision』『Crushing Blow』『Dog's Sense of Smell: Lv2』『Golem Maker: Lv3』『Rush』『Fire Principle: Third Chapter』『Healing Principle: Fourth Chapter』『Air Jump: Lv2』『Killing Leg: Lv3』『Fear Voice』『Invisible』『Tiger Eye』『Wall Walking』『Intuition』『Cheat Death』『Nimble』『Charge』『Material Shield: Lv2』『Information Link: Lv2』『Optical Camouflage』『High Dash』『Bloodsucking Blade』『Dragonization: Lv2「Dragon」』『Regenerate』『Soul Breaking Blade』『Stealthy Hand Placement』『Thunder Chariot: Lv2』『Sturdier Teeth: Lv2「Dragon」』『Crystallization: Lv2「Dragon」』『Devil King's Intimidation』『Stone Minotaur: Lv2』『Mega Beam: Lv2』『Space Expansion』『Pseudo-Silver Creation』『Poison Claw』『Fireball「Dragon」』『Cuticle「Dragon」』『Arms Creation: Black Flame』『Ingredient Connoisseur』『Dragon Pheromone「Dragon」』『Boost』『Monkey's Strong Arm』『Two-sword Style』『Boobies Plus』『Living Armor』『Alarm』『Six-sword Style』

Kazane:「The past was painful. I could only pick up dropped items when an enemy was defeated in the game. Back then, I wondered how much money I could earn if I could only take all of a high level enemy's equipment.」

Yumika:「Now that you've actually done that, what is Kazane-san's impression?」

Kazane:「Like I thought, we're able to earn an incredible amount, right? Yeah.」

Yumika:「Putting that aside, you should tidy up the items we've diligently collected. It's too messy.」

Kazane:「Not a chance.」


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